Design-Eng-Procurement (D.E.P.)

Use Rex Industrial as your D.E.P. provider to meet budget and schedule on Small-Cap & Maintenance projects. It starts by working together to get a clear picture of the project’s goals and risks. This serves as the basis for a Firm quote for products and services.

A single quote can cover survey, design, engineering, project management, purchased items, and fabricated materials. Having costs and schedule upfront leads to better decision making and dramatically reduces internal coordination costs. Is the project too complex to know everything upfront? It can be executed in 2 Phases for more clarity.

We are staffed with experienced industry professionals and provide project management to communicate progress and maintain the schedule. Delivery of items are closely coordinated to ensure receival goes smoothly.

Need installation? Our typical approach is to work with the In-Plant Contractor, but we have several trusted providers that can be subcontracted. Join the dozens of companies that have benefited from the Rex Experience.

Give us a call at 225.757.5159 or email to get started.