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10″ PVC Sch 80 Long Sweep 90 deg Elbo

-Sizes: 10" -Schedule: 80 -Material: PVC -90 deg Ell Long Sweep

10″ PVC Sch 80 Socket Van Stone Flng

-Material: PVC -Size: 10" -With Plastic Ring -Weight: 11.70 lbs -Color: Grey-Fab: Molded

10″ Schedule 80 PVC Pipe-20′ Length

-10" Schedule 80 PVC Pipe -20' Length -Plain End -Can be threaded -Normally gray -Handles temperatures up to 140 -Pressure Rating 230' psi-Conforms to ASTM D-1785, Type 1, Grade 1 -All PVC piping is produced from the NSF approved compounds conforming to ASTM D-1784

Fluke FLUKE-179 ESFP Handheld Digital Multimeter, True-RMS, 170 Series

Manufacturer Part Number: FLUKE-179 ESFP Condition: New Lead Time: 21 Days


FRP Platform with stainless steel hardware to improve access to equipment. Designed to be bolted between existing w8x18 members. OSHA rated handrail on "back" side only. Bolts for securing to existing steel by others. Lead time approx. 3 weeks.