Safety & Quality

It is impossible to reach company goals without achieving a high level of safety protocol & QA/QC. We are committed at every stage of the process – beginning from the design of our software through to delivery.

Our vendor-vetting process and safety-in-design procedures were created to deliver structures on an expedited schedule without sacrificing safety or quality. We work with only top-rated vendors  with stellar records and reputations.

All structures are built to the strictest industry standards, and each order will be accompanied by an engineer sealed document.

Engineering safety factors and inspections are the pillars of our approach. Rex and our partners will not compromise these beliefs for financial gain or any other reason.

Structures will meet industry and client requirements and qualify as engineered to specifications (but not limited to):

  • AISC 303-05 Code of standard practice for steel bldgs & bridges
  • RCSC 2004 Spes for struct joints using astm a325 or a490 bolts
  • PIP STS05120 01-2002 Fabrication of structural and misc steel specification
  • PIP STS05130 02-2002 Erection of struct and miscellaneous steel specs
  • AWS d1.1 2004 Structural welding code-steel
  • AWS a5.1 2004 Spec for cs electrodes for shielded metal arc welds