Rex Advantage

Rex uses a software and services approach to reduce wasted time and energy while getting the most value out of every activity. Cost and time savings are realized by integrating user inputs, engineering, procurement, fabrication, and contractor services. This streamlined process is advantageous to clients looking for quicker delivery times with a reduction in price and general coordination. Approved design information progresses seamlessly from software to fabrication, and a finished structure is delivered hassle free.

We add tremendous value for:

  1. Owners and Operators that require an expedited delivery of an engineered approved structure.
  2. Construction Companies that need an engineered structure without the hassle.
  3. Engineering Consultants that want to maintain scope and schedule by generating purchase items.
Current ProcessRex SystemReduction
Average Price Per Structure & Foundation (Including Engineering)$15,000$7,50050%
Average Lead Time (Including Engineering)2.5 Months 1.25 Months 50%

Rex structure Designer Steps

Select structure and customize as required
Add to estimate or generate a model number for future purchase
Submit order and receive confirmation email
Approve invoice and make payment via E-Pay to initiate fabrication
Receive structure

This approach is a major improvement of the typical acquisition process that requires the coordination of multiple contractors and is filled with delays and surprises. Other sites may help organization, but only Rex delivers a finished product. 

All designs are stored in an easy to search data-base for future reference. Products purchased from us are predictable expenditure that are not subject to undesired Change Orders. Additional benefits include a reduction in contractor field time and general coordination.